Veterans have made sacrifices in their own personal lives to support a mission greater than themselves. After serving in the armed forces, many veterans return home with wounds, both visible and invisible. Transitioning to civilian life and finding employment are the top challenges veterans face today. Passion Planners serve as a source of structure, guidance, and motivation to help our veterans transition into their lives as family members, friends, civilians, and war heroes.

Community Stories


"I've heard about Passion Planners from my sister, Alyssa who got one as a present. She showed me how she organizes her daily activities and how they correlate to her overall goals. When I got mine from the Reboot Workshop, I started using it immediately. I started writing my end of the year goals including fitness/ health/ weight loss goals, educational, and work goals. I started breaking those down to more manageable plans which I incorporated into my weekly spread using the "Space of Infinite Possibility." 

I have used planners before and even got into bullet journaling before I realized it took too much time setting it up. But Passion Planner is different and much more engaging to use since I am looking at my goals and ways to make sure I complete them before a deadline. I also love the weekly spreads because it gives me a lot of space to jot down my appointments and other tasking for the day. I also use different highlighters to color code so I can easily see what my upcoming weeks/days look like.

Since I started using my Passion Planner, I noticed that I am more organized, especially since I am a full-time Sailor, a graduate student, and a mom of two adorable little kids. My Passion Planner has helped unclutter my mind. It gives me a daily reminder of my goals and ensures that I am doing everything I can to accomplish those milestones. It feels great to be able to check my "to-do lists."

Thank you, Passion Planner! 

- Camille W.


“I work for the United States military in a classified environment. In our facility, digital devices are not allowed, and access to other digital organizational tools is hard to come by. For the last few years, I had struggled to really get hold of my goals at work and at home. It seemed like I always had one set, or the other. Never both.  In June of this year, I got the Passion Planner.

Using the goal sheets, the outlining, and mapping tools, the Passion Planner has finally put my life in order. I have already seen improvements in my performance at work, both with analysis and with supervising my troops. I have been able to line out my family's summer, making it fun and educational for the kids, and keeping plenty of time set aside for my wife, with whom I run a non-profit organization. I am sure that the Passion Planner will be my go-to organizational tool for a long time to come.

Thanks for making this awesome planner!”

- Andrew B.

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