how has passion planner helped you?

“We held a UniPro staff engagement activity where we had all members fill out the Passion Roadmap with MUCH success. It helped each person write down achievable goals and think big as well! We also created a passion roadmap for UniPro as an organization! We are proud to have been able to facilitate this discussion and encourage our staff to dream big.

 I was able to slowly get into the idea of writing my goals/tasks/to-dos on paper. I am highly reliant on my google calendar (if it's not on my g-cal, it doesn't exist). It has helped me more personally vs. work right now, but hoping to integrate it more fully by changing my habit of using my PP more regularly by carrying it with me to EVERY meeting. As a nonprofit, these passion planners were able to provide leverage for us to promote civic engagement. We were able to showcase these passion planners as a tool to encourage more young FilAms to be more civically engaged via our initiative called UniVote.

These Passion Planners have been a true blessing to our community. It created a practical way for our community leaders and young FilAms to achieve their goals and every person that we shared it with have been SO grateful.”

-  Rachelle O.