+ Do you have plans to develop into an app?
A: We believe that pen and paper is the perfect tool for the creative process, as it allows you to create tangible ideas which can then be broken down into actionable steps! That is why we do not have any plans to create an app. Thank you for understanding.

+ Do you customize planners?
A: We do not provide customized planners, but our simple design allows you to completely personalize your Passion Planner according to your needs and unique lifestyle! You can also customize your own by downloading our FREE PDF here!

+ Do you offer bulk discounts?
A: Yes we do! Bulk orders begin at 20 planners. Request a quote here!

+ Are your planners available in stores?
A: Currently, the only places to purchase a Passion Planner is through our web store here or Amazon. But if you happen to find Passion Planners being sold in the wild, please let us know!

+ Why are you not available through Amazon Prime?
A: Being eligible for Prime is a long process that allows Amazon to take a larger portion of the profit than it already does. As a small start up, this is currently not something we're able to accommodate, but we're definitely looking into getting our products available for Amazon Prime in the future. Thank you for understanding!

+ What is the difference between the Compact and Classic?
A: The only difference between the planners are the size. The Compact is 5.5” x 8.5" (A5) and the Classic is 8.5” x 11" (A4). For more details, check out our specs page here!

+ What is the difference between the original Passion Planner and the Academic Version?
A: The differences between the Original Passion Planner and the Academic version include:
  1. Date Range:
  2. The original runs from January - December.
    The Academic runs from August - August.

  3. Challenges and Quotes: Different challenges that helps with your personal development and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated!
Besides these features, the planners have the same layout and core structure. They include everything you need to push yourself to the next level !

+ Do you have a dated Passion Planner with a Monday start for 2017?
A: We currently don’t have any dated Monday start Passion Planners. We believe that starting the week on Sunday allows you to take a glimpse into your week and start planning ahead.

However, we do have an undated Monday start option. Check it out here!

+ Is the Undated Passion Planner formatted differently?
A: Yes, the Undated Passion Planner is organized a bit differently! To allow for full customization and the ability to start at any moment, the monthly layouts and reflection pages are grouped together at the front, and the weekly layouts follow after - giving you a full year to plan your journey! Feel free to check it out here!

+ Do Sharpies bleed through the pages? What are your favorite pens to use with the planner?
A: Sharpies (and other permanent markers) bleed through the pages, however water-based pens listed below DO NOT.
  • Stabilo PointVisco (for vivid colors!)
  • Sharpie Pen (this is different from the fine tip markers!)
  • Pilot G2 (careful, they smear sometimes!)
  • Papermate 1.0M (an inexpensive option those who always seem to misplace their pens!)
These are our favorite go-tos, but definitely check out our tips page for more options!

+ Is Passion Planner vegan friendly?
A: Yes! We proudly use faux/synthetic leather as well as environmentally friendly recycled paper in our products.

+ Is there a number I can call to ask questions about the product?
A: As a small start up, we are not set up to handle high volumes of phone calls at the moment. We wish to properly answer your questions and inquiries, so we'd prefer not to leave you on hold for long periods of time!

However, feel free to shoot us a message via email. We’ll be sure to get back to you within 1 - 2 business days. We promise, you will always be getting an answer from one of our Passion Planner Team Members. Not a robot! :)

+ I'd love to collaborate with Passion Planner! Who do I contact?
A: Please send all media/collaboration inquiries here.

Shoot us a message here. We’ll be sure to get back to you within 1 - 2 business days.


+ How can I exchange my planner for a different one?
A: Exchanges get a bit complicated, so what we can do instead is help you process a return for a refund. This way you can go ahead and purchase the Passion Planner that best fits your style! Check out our Return Policy here.

+ I received a defective planner (missing some pages/out of order/etc.). What do I do?
A: Oh no! Please shoot us a message here, and we’ll definitely fix that for you.

+ I received the wrong planner. What should I do?
A: Oh no! If you received the wrong planner, please send us a message here.

+ I need to cancel my order. What do I do?
A: If you would like to cancel your order, please fill out our cancellation form here immediately!

+ I wanted to cancel but my order has already shipped!
A: If your order has already been shipped, we will be unable to cancel your order. If you'd like to proceed with a return and refund, shoot us a message here.


+ When will my order be shipped?
A: We do our best to ship planners out as soon as possible! Orders take between 1 - 2 business days (non-holidays/non-weekends) to process and ship out from the purchase date. However, pre-orders will be processed when the product is released.

+ My order says delivered, but it’s not here! What does this mean?
Sometimes USPS/International couriers mark packages as “delivered” prior to it being actually delivered. However, the package usually shows up within 1 - 2 business days after the marked date. If not, feel free to contact your local post office for assistance or shoot us an email!

+ If I order now, will I be charged now or when it ships?
A: You will be charged at checkout.

+ I would like to change my shipping address/name/e-mail/etc. on my order. What do I do?
A: Orders are processed pretty quickly, so if you need to change any of your shipping information, please send us a message here. Once your package leaves our warehouse, we’re unable to change the details of your shipping information. We suggest contacting your local post office to have your shipping information updated.

+ Do you ship overseas?
A: Yes we do! To see the cost of shipping to your country, simply fill up your cart, enter your shipping address, and our automated shopping cart will give you the total.

We currently have an ongoing international shipping special: for any 2 Passion Planners ordered (any size), shipping is only $12 USD!

**Please note that customs fees are not covered in the shipping costs during checkout. Customs policies vary between countries and unfortunately we have no control over how your country determines customs fees.


+ Can I print the PDF and customize the cover to my own preference?
A: Yes! You may "house" your planner in any way you'd like, as long as you uphold the United States and International copyright laws. This means that the document CANNOT be:
  • emailed
  • shared electronically or physically
  • manipulated
  • copied
  • reprinted
  • sold for profit
  • altered or reproduced in any form or any means without the permission of the original owner
**Please note that the PDF is under copyright and is meant for your personal use only. This means it cannot be shared or redistributed without the author's permission, meaning if your friends would like to use the PDF they must share Passion Planner on social media to receive their own PDF.

+ Can I share this with my students? I'm a teacher and would love to incorporate this into a lesson plan.
A: Please do! As long as you do not change/alter the original content of the planner and follow our copyright policy, you can definitely share the planners with your students!


+ Can you donate Passion Planners to my event/organization?
A: Feel free to apply to our Get One, Give One program here!

+ When I "Get One" who will you "Give One" to?
A: We donate to organizations who are making a difference in the community and individuals who cannot afford to purchase a Passion Planner at this time. These organizations/individuals include but are not limited to: low income high school and college students, people overcoming trauma of domestic violence, veterans who are facing the after effects of war, and more.

If you know an organization who is making a difference in their community or someone who cannot afford a planner at the time, please find out more about our Get One, Give One program here.

+ When will the applications go up for the Get One, Give One program?
A: The applications run quarterly throughout the year. For updates on the program, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media for the latest news! You can find more information about the program on our website at Passion Planner Get One, Give One. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message here.


+ You describe yourself as someone who lives minimally. What does minimalist living mean to you, both practically and in a larger sense?
A: I'm glad you mentioned it in terms of practicality as well as in a larger sense, as most people just see minimalism as living with less "stuff". Minimalist living in a practical sense is choosing to live life with the bare minimum of what I personally feel comfortable with and being aware of what I choose to keep around me. If something doesn't spark joy in me to have it I get rid of it. This is how I feel about the relationships I choose to keep in my life as well. I believe that Pareto's Law or the 80/20 principle which states for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes is actually more like the 99/1 rule wherein life is in a disproportionate ratio. For example, 1% of the people in your life can create 99% of your happiness, inversely 1% can cause 99% of the problems in your life. So it is consciously choosing the most impactful factors/components.

+ A lot of people might say, why use a paper planner when we have Google calendars and all these apps and digital tools?
A: I think paper gives you a completely different experience than inputting something digitally. Digital means always seem task-y, where as paper is something that is more intimate, more involved and just more concrete. Physically writing something down helps with retention of ideas and cognitive thought, as well as boosting your creativity. Also, it will never lose power, takes no training to use and becomes your own unique memoir that you can cherish for years to come.

+ You managed to raise $1,514,793 on Kickstarter to fund your project. How did you do it? Any advice for others looking to crowdfund their budding ventures?
A: I believe successful projects solve big problems that lots of backers face. The problem that Passion Planner seeks to solve is that feeling of directionless floating or not knowing where you want to go next. It solves that problem by asking people what they want out of their lives, having them define those goals and prompting them at checkpoints to see if they are actually following through with their goals and not letting them fall back on the back burner. Getting your life organized shouldn’t have to rely on your budget, so we also allow people to download the PDF for free when they share Passion Planner on social media. Anyone can benefit from Passion Planner, regardless of their current financial situation.

+ Why do you think there was so much demand for a planner? What is different about your Passion Planner that speaks to people?
A: I think there are many factors to why there was such a demand for a planner and why it speaks to people but the top three reasons are:
  1. The problem that it seeks to solve, feeling lost, is universal. A tool to really try to tackle such a huge issue is not readily available. My story is a story that people can relate to as well, and it has helped me empathized as an entrepreneur.
  2. It was given away for free, no need to purchase.
  3. In this digital age, paper is becoming a lost art and actually a lost safe space for people to be honest with themselves about their goals, this planner reclaims that space.

+ What’s been your goal for Passion Planner?
A: It’s always been to help people. I want to give others a tool that I wish someone had given to me when I was feeling lost and when I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I hope that it’s a tool that unifies people and pushes everyone to reach their fullest potential, all while keeping people on track toward their goals.

+ Interview with Angelia?
A: Please leave your information and why you want to interview me here. I cannot promise an interview at the time being, but I will definitely get back to you!

In the meantime, feel free to check out past interviews that I've done!

+ Can you come speak at my next event?
A: Please leave a message here with information about your event, and I'll be sure to get back to you!

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