Passion planner makes me a better: stylist

michelle carigma: style blogger

Hello! I'm Michelle. I run a blog called Modern Fit which is a mixture of fitness and style. I am currently working on a women empowerment movement, style projects with Finish Line & working with freelancers for my own blog content.

  • I use my Passion Planner for literally everything. I use it for work, blogging & personal reasons. I also sketch out all my ideas on the note pages provided!
  • Don't put on more tasks than you can handle. It's tempting wanting to be more productive using a Passion Planner!

tony logan, fashion journalist

My name is Tony Logan and I’m a fashion journalist and coffee addict. I'm currently working on a few projects for both work and personal. For work we just finished our eighth issue at The Stndrd so I’m excited to promote that when it hits stands and I have my first editorial in the issue since I joined the team two months ago so I’m really thrilled about that. And for personal work I recently designed a collaborative baseball cap with my friend Abi for a personal project and since we been receiving great feedback we are going to actually put a few in production and release some in October!

  • I use my Passion Planner first thing in the morning. I have a routine I been practicing for the last three weeks where I wake up at five, I meditate, I pray, read a spiritual passage and write my goals and plans for the day and overlook my goals and objectives I set for the week.
  • Because I had my planner I decided to start from scratch on both assignments and they actually turned out much better after writing them from scratch with my Passion Planner than what I originally had written on my MacBook. So actually having my Passion Planner helped me stay on task while I was on vacation and helped me meet my deadline.