amanda magana, student

My name is Amanda Magana and I'm a third year Biology major at UCLA and a part time YouTuber! I make mostly college lifestyle videos about a range of topics and I also dabble in beauty and fashion on YouTube. I was born and raised in the small town of Lake Stevens, WA, but my family made the move to the LA area around 2010 when I was a sophomore in high school. I represent undergrads at UCLA as well of the lovers of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos.

  • I am particularly proud to say that my Passion Planner has helped me achieve my academic performance goals here at UCLA and it also aids in helping me always be ahead of deadlines for everything.
  • I stay motivated knowing that next week is another week, or tomorrow is another day, and if I don't get something accomplished or if plans change, I can simply add that particular plan somewhere in the near future in my planner.

Chloe Banales, Student

I am currently a full-time student, and certified personal trainer/nutrition coach. In a couple of years, I will be completing my Masters degree in Oriental Medicine and taking exams to become a licensed acupuncturist. While pursuing my studies, I create nutrition programs for my clients to help their reach their personal health goals of weight loss, increased energy, and/or muscle gain. Assisting people with creating positive lifestyle possibilities is something I am passionate about because I am pursuing a career in preventive and holistic medicine; Our health is truly our greatest wealth.

  • Keep memory of anything from an exceptional sunset, a new gym personal record, or a quote
  • Use your planner to take notes during school lectures and color coordinate all of the information


I am a registered nurse, I am also currently working on publishing a (nursing) lifestyle blog, hope to build community and inspire others who are interested in a career in nursing.

  • Reading the quotes each week in my Passion Planner usually help to motivate me as well. Many times, I find they help me sort out the "problem" I'm having at the time and turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • In order to avoid burning out, I keep track of the days I'm in the hospital and try to plan meals, exercise, and fun adventures on my days off.


I was born and raised in San Diego, and I'd like to think that I'm an average human being looking to do some good in the world. In June 2014, I received my Bachelor's Degree in English and a minor in Education Studies at UCLA. I am in the process of getting my Masters Credential at the University of San Diego to hopefully become a high school English teacher. After moving back home to San Diego from graduating at UCLA, most of the projects that I've been working on have to deal with self-love and making myself feel more stable.

  • Use "Today's Focus" as much as you can. When your days get to be so busy, they tend to all blend in.
  • It helps me set goals and keep myself accountable, but it also makes me more grateful for the little things that I've been experiencing which is something we often take for granted.