The 2017


Making a resolution is simple — keeping a resolution is life changing. This year, stick to your goals and watch your Passion Planner become filled with the progress you make. It is your resource to ensure that you’re on the right track. The 2017 Passion Planner is your tool to make this your best year yet, so plan to thrive.




  • Passion RoadMap: Annual exercise that helps you define, and create actions for your goals in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and throughout your life.
  • Weekly layouts starting on Sunday
  • Annual and monthly overview calendars
  • Monthly reflection questions to keep you focused on your progress
  • 28 additional blank pages
  • 28 additional gridded pages


  • Weekly and daily focuses to keep your attention on the most important tasks.
  • Weekly plans from Sunday - Saturday, 6 AM – 11 PM. Every day, broken down into 30 minute sections to help you manage your time.
  • “Good Things That Happened” section to keep you focused on the positive.
  • A motivational quote and challenge to inspire positive action.
  • Personal and work to-do lists organized by priority to encourage work-life balance, because very often we forget to take care of ourselves.
  • “Space of Infinite Possibility” where you can take notes, draw, create, write, brainstorm or customize to your needs.


  • Soft and durable faux-leather cover; animal and vegan friendly!
  • Super smooth high quality thick paper (100 gsm). About twice as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper.
  • A5 size 5.5”x8.5” (about the size of half a sheet of printer paper) 
  • About 220 pages (110 leaves)