how has passion planner helped you?

“One of our practitioners, a former MD turned Qigong instructor and fellow Reiki practitioner, was delighted to receive her planner at our volunteer appreciation event. She began praising the Passion Planner as one of the most helpful mindfulness tools she has used.  This was not surprising to me, because I thought it would be a perfect fit for our people and the families we serve.  What I was very surprised by was what she said regarding the group intention and how the presentation of the Planner had given her an immediate means to begin her spiritual planning, as well as a profound tool for integrating her life with her spiritual life, which, as she shared at the talking circle, felt like she was "leading a double life". 

 The Passion Planner, she said, helps to heal the duality in her lived experience by allowing her the space to bring her spiritual and practical life goals together.  She sees the Passion Planner as a tool to move her individual transformation, and thus, the group transformation, forward.  I know that this is not the case with other planning tools, as they are likely to ignore the experience of the whole person (and the whole group) in the realization of their life's work.  She reflected her thoughts about the Passion Planner in such a beautiful way!”

Thanks again for the Passion Planner Get One, Give One Program!

- Jen M.