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Apply to be a Passion Planner Summer Rep!
Our Spring Season (Mar - May) has just begun.


- Represent Passion Planner in  your community
- Educate others about the benefits of using a Passion Planner
- Share your promo code to help get Passion Planner into more people's hands


- Earn commission and receive free Passion Planner goodies
- Develop effective communication skills
- Gain real world experience in marketing, sales, and public speaking


- Be a Passion Planner user!
- Active on social media platforms

- Skilled at networking, mingling, and creating relationships
- Creative and committed
- Must be 18+ years old

Applications WILL BE PROCESSED IN JUNE FOR OUR Summer Rep period.

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Include all social media accounts and follower count (EX: Instagram - @passionplanner 198K)