We believe that our community is our biggest asset, so we want to thank the people who share us with the world. 

Where most companies ask for 6 - 10 referrals, we only ask for 3 because we have so much gratitude for people who take the time to share us with their loved ones. 

Earn a free Undated Sunday planner by following two simple steps: 

STEP 1: Tell your friends or followers about Passion Planner through a post, tweet, blog, email, post-it note, message in a bottle, etc. 

STEP 2: Receive one referral credit when someone makes a purchase and lists you as their reference during checkout (make sure they give us your email address).

Once you reach three referral credits from three separate orders, we will send you an email asking where you'd like your FREE planner shipped!

rules and regulations:

  1. Referral planners will be shipped once a month. You will be notified via email when you have reached 3 referral credits.
  2. Free shipping to the U.S. only. $12 USD to ship internationally.
  3. You may not refer yourself.
  4. Referral credit is non-transferable. 
  5. Reference email MUST be entered at time of checkout in order to receive a referral credit.
  6. One referral credit PER individual order. (Quantity of planners ordered does not count towards separate credit.)
  7. Multiple emails for one reference will not be accepted. Email must be consistent throughout.
  8. Passion Planner Representatives are ineligible for referral credit. 

**DISCLAIMER: The Passion Planner Referral Program is verified monthly. Once you have reached up to 3 referral credits, you will be sent a referral confirmation at the end of the month.

Please note: since the Passion Planner Referral Program runs throughout the whole year, it only offers Undated Sunday Timeless Black Passion Planners. In addition, referral credits do not have any monetary value. They cannot be applied towards new releases, dated Passion Planners, limited editions, or Monday starts.

The Refer 3 Get 1 Free Program is available only through our website.**