felicia la tour, MOTHER

I am a mother to an 11 month old! I love to create art! It literally makes my heart beat! I am a professional makeup artist, I work with singer Jhené Aiko which is a blessing because I get to travel the world and create art! I have a blog where I express my artistic side and I do a lot of self realization things on there that get my viewers going! I am thankful I am able to create art with my daughter! I’m a make it happen type of girl so this is all really exciting to me! Also, I am always working towards new content for my blog Fee-Love.Com so that I am forever evolving with my following!

  • I am real big on to do lists as well as just staying organized and for mental clarity, so using my Passion Planner really helps me navigate through what I need to stay focused on.
  • I carry it with me everywhere and if I am ever sidetracked it keeps me focused on what I am suppose to be doing that day and week.

Roxanne Morris, Mother

I am a registered nurse working full time in the Emergency Department. In addition to that, I recently became a first time mom! I always have a project (or two, or three) that I'm working on whether it be planning birthdays, baby showers, or even little get togethers with my friends. Since I became a mom, these projects have come to a stop (for now) and all my time and energy has been spent focusing on my little family. You'll find me keeping track of all our doctor appointments in my Passion Planner.

  • I make lists of what I need to buy, what house chores I need to get done, what errands I need to run, what to pack when going on a trip
  • When I was in nursing school, I studied by writing things down and using different highlighter colors. This helped me remember things better.