november gratitude challenge

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.”
–Steve Maraboli

This month is all about practicing gratitude and being thankful. Being grateful is a choice and an attitude, and it takes practice!

What are some benefits of practicing gratitude? It helps deepen relationships and it improves mental strength, self-esteem, and physical and psychological health. Practicing gratitude also enhances empathy and reduces aggression, and grateful people sleep better.

Check out our 30-Day Gratitude Challenge for November in the photo above: 30 things you can do every day to show thanks to your loved ones, strangers, and even yourself! 

Join us by using the hashtag #givethankschallengepp on Instagram to post about completing your challenges throughout the month!

gratitude challenge.jpg

Follow along with us here! We will be posting each challenge daily on our Instagram and down below as well.


day 1

Are you ready to participate with us all month long? Prep by writing down this month’s challenges into your weekly or monthly layout. 

Day 2

Look back on your day and think of something you were grateful for. Write this down in the Space of Infinite Possibility or in your Monthly Layout. Continue this for the rest of the month! 


day 3

Use some space in your planner to write down the things that made you smile last month. Look back on this page when you feel down and need a reminder to keep your head held high!

Day 4

Donate to your local food bank! Buy a few extra items when you go grocery shopping and drop them off.

Day 5

Text someone a compliment or some words of encouragement. They’ll appreciate you thinking of them!

Day 6

Write down in your planner 3 things you are grateful for. Nothing is too small!

Day 7

Think of something that you take for granted and write it down on a post-it. Make a point to look at it everyday to remind yourself to appreciate it. A great place would be your bathroom mirror, your Passion Planner, or taking a picture and setting it as your phone background!

Day 8

It’s the end of week 1! How's your daily gratitude log coming along? For every day of the week, use your Space of Infinite Possibility to write down something you're grateful for. You can also use the Monthly Layout to do this as well!

Day 9

Write a short note or letter of appreciation to someone you’re grateful for. Give it to them this week! 

Day 10

Write down 3 things about yourself that you're proud of!

Day 11

Call up a friend that you appreciate. Let them know you are grateful for them.

Day 12

Show some gratitude to yourself today by treating yourself to something! This could be food, a massage, or that book you've wanted. Treat yourself!

Day 13

Get someone else a coffee (or beverage of your choice)) today! This can be a friend, coworker, or even a stranger. Encourage them to pay it forward too!

Day 14

Leave a generous tip! Next time you go out to eat, leave a little extra for your server.

Day 15

Give a compliment to a stranger today! If you feel shy, try practicing on a friend or coworker first.

Day 16

Handwrite a thank you card to someone. Deliver it by hand or send it via snail mail.

Day 17

Cook a meal! Take a little extra time today to cook up something yummy for yourself and someone else.

Day 18

Call up a family member that you appreciate. Let them know you are grateful for them.

Day 19

Help out someone by doing them a favor or with a chore that you wouldn't normally do.

Day 20

Send out texts to 2 people today, telling them something nice. Send over some words of encouragement, your favorite quote, or just let them know you’re thinking about them.

Day 21

Try to make eye contact with every person you have a conversation with today. Eye contact and active listening makes them feel like you are interested in what they have to say.

Day 22

Think of someone you're proud of and why you're proud of them. Make sure to tell them today!

Day 23

Hit up an old friend. Pick someone that you haven't talked to in a while but want to reconnect with. Send them a message or text and tell them you're thinking of them.

Day 24

Handwrite a letter to someone that is special to you. Deliver it by hand or send it via snail mail.

Day 25

Leave a note for a stranger. Go to a library or a bookstore and pick out your favorite book and leave an encouraging note in it for someone else to find.

Day 26

Take someone out for a little treat like ice cream or even lunch! This will also give you time to hang out and catch up with each other.

Day 27

Donate to a charity! Pick your favorite charity to donate some money. Every little bit counts!

Day 28

Send a long distance friend a gift. Do you have a friend across the country? Send them a little surprise in the mail!

Day 29

Find some time this weekend to do a few hours of volunteering.

Day 30

Most of us probably don't call our parents enough. Pick up the phone when you have time today to have a chat and tell them you love them.