how has passion planner helped you?

"It was so incredibly helpful as a new teacher. Life as a new teacher and coach can be quite hectic. There are SO MANY things to keep track of, and schedules to keep. I LOVE the layout of the Passion planner. It's a notebook, checklist, short term and long term planner in one! The weekly format allows for specific planning during the day to keep track of what lessons I am on for each class, on top of appointments and practices for the day.

The graphing pages in the back add an extra component for lists and other things I need to keep track of with forms, fees, applications and receipts. I also love the personal aspect to the Planner that allows it to be a notebook/journal for me to track my personal goals. The Passion Planner is inclusive of all aspects of my life. A little book of refuge that helped saved my sanity! I loved it so much I've ordered more and recommended the planner to many other teachers that I work with."

 -  Kara H.