how has passion planner helped you?

“I recently graduated university in May, and then I began a quest to fulfill my dream of teaching English as a foreign language for my career. I spent my summer in Guam teaching at an ESL summer camp, and when I returned to the States, my planner was waiting there for me. It arrived just in time, because in August I began an intense full-time 1-month certification program from Cambridge University, and I was in the full swing of job-hunting for the fall. The planner saved me in my certification homework, prioritizing deadlines, charting what I was looking for in a job, and going through countless Skype interviews with overseas employers. I ended up accepting a job offer in China during the last week of my certification in September. 


In the coming 4 weeks before I got on a plane to begin my first full-time job as a Cambridge-certified EFL instructor, I had countless papers to fill out, errands to do, emails to send, coworkers to correspond with, travel itineraries to organize, etc. Moving overseas is complicated! Utilizing my Passion Planner not only helped the whole process go virtually seamlessly, but it also remains as a keepsake of several key transition points of my post-graduate life. In it I can see the process behind my goals, accomplishments of those goals, and commitments that really were all just "small" pursuits of my passions and dreams.


Thank you so much!


-Grace E.