Get one, give one Testimonials



"I am from Yosemite National Park, currently residing in Red Bluff, CA.  I received a Passion Planner during my service in the Peace Corps (Sept 2013-Nov 2015) in the second year of...Read More


"Passion Planner has been a wonderful addition to College Track. We know students that dream and actively pursue their passions have a great deal of intrinsic motivation, which leads...Read More


“Staying focused on long-term goals is often a challenge for the women we serve, many of whom come to us in survival mode. We hope that Passion Planner will be an empowering, practical tool...Read More




"So how has Passion Planner helped me? Beyond keeping a busy teacher organized, it has helped me love my job even more. It's hard being a high school...Read More


"On January 15 of this year, I literally started my life over. I was fragile and could not think clearly. I needed a place to write down my racing thoughts and to keep track of my multitude of appointments...Read More



“We absolutely love our Passion Planners. The Carpinteria Children's Project has been able to provide them to all of our staff, community partners, and our Health Promoters...Read More



“One of our practitioners, a former MD turned Qigong instructor and fellow Reiki practitioner, was delighted to receive her planner at our volunteer appreciation event. She began praising...Read More



“We held a UniPro staff engagement activity where we had all members fill out the Passion Roadmap with MUCH success, it helped each person write down achievable goals and think big as well!..Read More



"The biggest impact the Passion Planner has had in my life has been helping me recognize my accomplishments in just three months. I tend to rush through...Read More



"The Passion Planners we received at The Soldiers Project made a huge impact with our team of volunteer therapists who donate their services pro bono in...Read More

antonia g.

“After splitting from my husband and being left with very little income, I decided that I needed extra help to push forward with my plans to turn the community cheerleading club that I run with my...Read More

lyold o.

“To say the Passion Planner saved my life might be a little over the top, but it kinda did. I’m currently a part-time student and the co-owner of an artisanal banana pudding company called...Read More

Grace e.

“I recently graduated university in May, and then I began a quest to fulfill my dream of teaching English as a foreign language for my career. I spent my summer in Guam teaching...Read More

COnnie k.

“As a student, having a schedule should be one of the main priorities in order to make life easier on me, but I searched far and wide for a planner to help me achieve that and find nothing close...Read More

Claire k.

“My planner, my planner cover is covered with stickers, little jokey things and motivational quotes and Wonder Woman! Insides have cute doodles,..Read More

Elizabeth b.

“Since receiving my Passion Planner I haven't gone a day without using it. My planner has been so valuable in my daily life. I've struggled with anxiety for many years and...Read More

Jessica o.

 "In college, after being undeclared for TWO years, I found my way into the art program and graduated with a Bachelor's of Art in Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Since returning home after college,..Read More

Karley a.

“Since receiving my Passion Planner, my life has changed quite a bit. I transitioned from working full-time as a server and substitute teacher, occasionally teaching voice lessons...Read More

Anita P.

" I can say that I have completed a successful internship, passed the exams I had planned to and am also in the finishing stages of receiving my driver's license!..Read More

kara h.

 "It was so incredibly helpful as a new teacher. Life as a new teacher and coach can be quite hectic...Read More