Domestic violence is an issue facing women, men, and children of all backgrounds. It is often an issue that goes unaddressed and underreported. The impact of being a victim of domestic violence, either physical or emotional, can significantly negatively affect a person’s life and the lives of those around them. Passion Planners serve as a catalyst for change, self-love, confidence, and new direction as victims and their domestic violence service providers help them work towards the lives they want to live.

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"When I came to the shelter I thought my life was over and I would just eventually end up dead. I was wrong. Not only was I safe now, but I got help from people who talked to me about what happened to me AND helped me to figure out how to put my life back together.  This book is helping me to go to the next step... to start to plan my future again.  I didn't think I had one.  I HAVE one.  Thank you for the planner."

- Anonymous


"About three months ago I was stuck in an abusive relationship. We'd been together for three years. It wasn't physically abusive, but it was verbally and emotionally. I am a very quiet person and I still remember vividly a fight we had in the middle of the street where we were both screaming and I was crying. It didn't start out that way but as time went on, I did everything to keep him happy and try to mold my dreams and goals to his. This generated huge amounts of stress. I started gaining weight (went from my normal 70 kgs to a whooping 100 kgs) and of course, my self esteem plummeted. Whenever I tried talking to him about this situation he always managed to spin it into being my fault and saying I needed to work on myself to keep us together, that I was being ungrateful for everything he brought into the relationship, and how he had done everything to be the perfect boyfriend. He always made sure to add that I would never find anyone like him, who was willing to put up with me.

So fast forward to the 10th of December 2015, I got my Passion Planner Compact (because I thought my problem was that I wasn't organizing my life properly. I mean, it couldn't be my perfect boyfriend, right?). A really good friend told me around that time, "I think if you took him out of the equation, you would really love your life," so I decided to try it on my Passion Roadmap. I wrote down all my goals and dreams for myself. And lo and behold, my friend was right. I really loved the life I had designed for myself. But something else happened, I realized I couldn't add him to the Roadmap without changing a lot of things (most of which I didn't want to change!).

On the 13th of December 2016, I broke up with him. It was hell. He called me, his friends called me and everyone else and his brother tried to get me to change my mind. It was very difficult but my Passion Planner just kept filling up with lunch dates and dinners with friends, the admissions test for a graduate program I loved, appointments with a therapist I started seeing after the break up, and appointments with my old nutrition specialist and eventually his attempts died out. I have lost about 10 kgs, was admitted to the graduate program, recovered my closest friendships and I am overall, happier than I have been in a long time.

I thought Valentine's Day was going to be difficult for me since it was also our anniversary. I ended up having dinner with my best friend and his roommate. I had a really great time. His roommate and I have a lot in common and we even started ranting about the HIMYM finale. We share the same faith so we talked a bit about that too and ended up having a debate with my friend about true love and we were both on the same side of it (my friend is a bit of a cynic so it was fun). I am not gonna lie, there were definitely some butterflies there.

My ex was right in something though. I am never going to have another boyfriend like him. I have learned my lesson and I am healing. Right now, my PP is taking me toward my goals and helping take care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I am still using my Passion Planner religiously and checking off goals on that Roadmap. I will probably get the PP for 2017, 2018 and other years but the best one will always be this one. It has the Roadmap that gave my life new direction and the courage to leave a hopeless situation. I can't recommend this system enough because PP has absolutely been a life coach for me.

Thank you for everything! You guys were my best friends on that night when I decided to take control of my life." 

- Diana A.

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