how has passion planner helped you?

“My planner, my planner cover is covered with stickers, little jokey things and motivational quotes and Wonder Woman! Insides have cute doodles, colorful ink writing and even more stickers and as I look through the original Roadmap I did, despite the fun of the pink and purple pens, the topic is serious. Mental resilience is my Game Changer, and since last year the difference is so notable. Lower anxiety and higher certainty. It's meant I can push forward on my Wish List. I've added "learning to drive" to my wish list now, and this week I apply for my provisional licence, something I'd have been too anxious and uncertain to do a year ago.

 The planner has helped me build physical strength too, I live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so eating healthy and taking care of my body is paramount. I'm doing well so far, having brain stormed many ways to look after this Zebra body. I've been creating art, learning to crochet like a boss, unlearning perfectionism and it has been a wonderful year and the future I'm hoping for is looking more and more possible thanks to this brilliant little planner keeping me focused. This months "What or who are you especially grateful for this past month" reflection goes to the wonderfully creative team at Passion Planner and the fabulously generous planner sponsor.

 -  Claire K.