anne phung, personal trainer

"Passion Planner has affected my life in a way that I never thought a planner could.. it is so much more than just a planner. It's a reminder that life is a blank canvas and we are the artist in creating the masterpiece that is our lives."

jill bunny, fitness competitor

"I found that my personal life was suffering. Passion Planner got me to open my eyes and reflect on many aspects that were lacking in my life.

anette delarosa, bodybuilder

"Passion Planner has helped me to clarify my goals and vision of what I wanted to accomplish and to have those goals and affirmations with me at ALL times, repeating them up to 3 times per day"

jasmine hull, health & wellness coach

"Remember, success truly is compounded over time by our daily activities. Passion Planner really provides a wonderful tracking & goal mapping solution!"

Jason Sani, nutritionist

"This companion helps me remain accountable, get more meaningful work, and keep a better view on the big picture.