nick denbeigh, actor

Hey all! I am Nick Denbeigh, I’m a SAG Actor, Signed Model and Martial Artist living in Hollywood California. I grew up in Spokane, Washington and played professional football before moving to Hollywood to pursue my passion of acting. Currently I’m in post-production on a project I helped create entitled ASCENDED MASTERS. I’m also in pre-production on a film, getting financing for another film, as well as auditioning for other projects.

  • Write everything down in it. You never know when an idea you put in it months before may come back later on.
  • I love writing things down on paper as opposed to using technology. It feels much more personal when I write it down.


My name is Tony Logan and I’m a fashion journalist and coffee addict. I'm currently working on a few projects for both work and personal. For work we just finished our eighth issue at The Stndrd so I’m excited to promote that when it hits stands and I have my first editorial in the issue since I joined the team two months ago so I’m really thrilled about that. And for personal work I recently designed a collaborative baseball cap with my friend Abi for a personal project and since we been receiving great feedback we are going to actually put a few in production and release some in October!

  • I use my Passion Planner first thing in the morning. I have a routine I been practicing for the last three weeks where I wake up at five, I meditate, I pray, read a spiritual passage and write my goals and plans for the day and overlook my goals and objectives I set for the week.
  • Because I had my planner I decided to start from scratch on both assignments and they actually turned out much better after writing them from scratch with my Passion Planner than what I originally had written on my MacBook. So actually having my Passion Planner helped me stay on task while I was on vacation and helped me meet my deadline.  


I am Jessica Oh (Oropesa), a visual artist based in San Diego, CA. In college, after being undeclared for TWO years, I found my way into the art program and graduated with a Bachelor's of Art in Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Since returning home after college, I have participated with numerous local art shows, including RAW Artists San Diego, the Infusion Project, and Art In the Park at Bluefoot Bar. My purpose in this lifetime is to create and I believe in making the world a more beautiful place.

  • I use my planner to remind myself to be mindful. I give myself positive reminders because I can easily get stuck in negative loops.
  • I use my Passion Planner because I have flaws. I'm scatterbrained and have the fault of flaking on people because I overbook and forget about making plans.


I am an Indonesian graphic designer whose focus is to use art to put positive messages into the world, with a concentration on inspiring youth in poverty stricken communities. My love for art comes from its ability to influence our ideas without explicitly stating it, or laying it out with words. I have made art and illustrations for clients all over the world with my most notable being MTV Europe, MTV UK & Ireland, UNICEF, and the United Nations.

  • The motivational quotes written on each page remind me to be grateful and always remain positive in every step of my journey as I continue to reach my goals.
  • I remember that I was so excited to write up my Passion Road Map section, it’s like writing your wishes and goals to Santa Claus but with a certain time limit and concrete steps to make my dreams a reality.


I'm an author and I live in the UK with my cats and guide dog. I'm blind and on the autism spectrum so organisation is a big thing for me; I'm currently about to start the second Kickstarter to cover publishing costs for my novel The Parting of the Waters, the middle book in my Changing of the Sun trilogy.

  • I use it also most as a review system, so I know where I was on a certain day or what I was doing.
  • I use my Passion Planner to organise my Kickstarters, to keep notes about household bills, meeting friends and planning world domination.


My name is Will Sturgeon, and I am a musician living in southern California. My main focus right now is recording and gigging with my solo-project-turned-band brightener.

  • I love scheduling every hour of my day because it makes me excited to take on the day if i know what i am doing and when.
  • My Passion Planner helps to keep me organized on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, as well as keeping me constantly defining and re-defining my goals so I can focus on where I want to go and not get dragged down by all of the little things!


I guess you could say our family is creative but mostly in the engineering and technology area, expect me. I am kind of the odd one out of my family. I am the only lefty and I am only one who is completely artistic. My mom has somewhat of a creative past, she went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for fashion design. So that is the extent of my family's creative past. I love creating pieces that can eventually be printed on clothing and all other sorts of things!

  • My #1 tip for using Passion Planner is use all sorts of colored pens! When scheduling your day hour by hour is really helps to use a different color for certain things.
  • I love scheduling every hour of my day because it makes me excited to take on the day if i know what i am doing and when.


Hello! My name is Ania, I'm a Polish painter from Italy and I am really happy that passion planner team contacted me about this interview! Right now I am working on several shows in USA, Italy, Australia and Portugal but I am also trying to study as much as I can and experiment a lot with my art.

  • Passion Planner has helped me to understand how much time I am spending on each thing I will usually do during a day: work, exercise, play videogames, waste time. Now it's more work and study than before, so I am really happy!
  • I write down things I need to do the day after and highlight the things I was able to do during my working day, so I can track my progress.