how has passion planner helped you?


“After splitting from my husband and being left with very little income, I decided that I needed extra help to push forward with my plans to turn the community cheerleading club that I run with my best friend into a fully fledged all star cheerleading gym and business. It would then bring in some extra income and also allow me to drop hours at my day job, spend more time doing what I love (coaching), and share the sport I love with more and more people. That's where Passion Planner came in. I'm a completely a disorganized person, naturally, so I needed something to help and the planner had got me through many cheer competition prep weeks.

Since receiving my Passion Planner, and recommending them to my best friend and fellow coaches, we have started our own company (partnership), doubled the amount of athletes on our competitive teams, grown our social media and online presence, and started to earn a little bit of extra money with the plan to double all of that again in the up coming cheer season.

 I'm so thankful for my Passion Planner and I don't know what I would do without it! It's been integral to the starting and running of our new business. I'm excited to be able to buy my own when it runs out so that one can be sent to someone like me!”

 Thank you!

 -  Antonia G.