About Us

Why did you want to do this project?

At the beginning of 2013, while suffering from the feeling of "directionless floating" caused by post-college uncertainty, I realized that I was clearly not the only person facing this dilemma. I felt like I had done everything right, graduated from one of the best universities on the planet, made "proper career choices", and followed my passions, but still something was wrong. I was stuck, I was scared, and I had no idea which way I wanted to go next.

I thought about how this was possible, how the years of overachieving effort could leave me with such a feeling of emptiness, so I sat down and reflected.

I concluded that society, and more specifically how our educational system is constructed, it rewards people for following rules, meeting deadlines, and completing assignments. Someone else has always defined success for us instead of us creating our own. We work in order to gain outside approval or to avoid punishment while constantly comparing our worth and success to that of others. This only lays the foundation for the problem, because our fear of the uncertainty makes it grow.

I realized that this feeling of emptiness and directionless runs rampant in us when fear is the primary motivating force driving our actions instead of love. It is fear from punishment, from not looking as good as someone else, from looking dumb, from not being seen as "good enough" for someone else, from not being able to secure a good career later on, and so on that fuels our action. And this is highly problematic.

From the first day we walk into preschool to the day we graduate college our lives are governed by these rules, standards, and goals that others have placed for us; significantly handicapping and excusing us from creating goals that are self motivated and driven. In turn, when we are faced (for what may be the first time) with the challenge to make our own choices, take action and face the uncertain consequences of our choices, we feel overwhelmed and we flip out. 

We ask ourselves, "What if I don't make as much money as so and so?", "What if I make the wrong choice?", "What would blah, blah, blah, think of me?", "Will my parents agree with this choice?", "Am I thinking over all the possibilities and weighing the consequences?" ...We think, we think, we think... and think some more... but fail to ACT. Our perfectionism paralyzes us, the fear of failure is too much, and the cons of making the wrong choice make us imagine and psychologically experience the stresses of what potentially could go wrong. We find ourselves feeling stuck, alone and lost.

How do I know all of this? I've done it myself. And why do I think I have a solution? Because I've made a product that I wish someone gave me when I was feeling lost. 

I want to turn the system on its head. I want to make love, gratitude, and self-motivation the primary force that propels action. I want to help people pursue their passions; to pursue things that make them excited to get up everyday, because when you follow your passion you never have to work a day in your life. Work feels like playful experimentation, projects stop being scary and start looking like adventures, failures look like valuable experiences, and success is just the remnants of a beautiful process, not the end goal. When you create your ideal reality through action, the present becomes a gift that you live every moment of your life.

I might be idealistic to think that paper bound in (faux) leather could be the answer to this huge problem wreaking havoc on my fellow peers... but I think it's a start.

I wanted to help people overcome that feeling by making a tool that sat them down to clearly define their goals and dreams, break them down into more actionable steps, and then write them in a place that they would see and use everyday. A planner was PERFECT for this. I wanted people to use this planner as a compass to guide their daily decisions. It's simple. You ask yourself, is what I am going to do today going to get me closer to my goals? Yes? Do it. No? Don't do it. I wanted to make a tool that encouraged people to not only think about their goals, but take action towards making those goals a part of their daily lives.

That's how Passion Planner was born.

Founder, CEO and Designer

My name is Angelia Trinidad. 

If I had to describe myself on a post-it note, it would go something like this:

I'm a simple young woman who loves to live minimally. I love to write about my views on living, loving, making, and sharing. I love traveling, learning new languages (I'm learning my 5th!), sharing deep conversations about life, and finding new ways to hack life. I'm an introvert who enjoys having her own free time, reading, making stuff, and sharing ideas over meals. I love my family, my inspiring friends, and the Filipino and American culture I was raised in. If you want to hear more about my story you can read my blog.

Enough about me, how about you? 


A short note from me to you


January 1, 2014



Welcome to my office/warehouse. Watch out world, there’s a new kid in town and she’s wearing a Patagonia jacket, Rainbow Flip Flips, a three year old UCLA blood drive T-shirt, and a pair of Chi Delta Theta sweats. 

I’m not your typical entrepreneur. I have some things going against me: I’m young, a woman, and a minority who is a first generation American from a large middle class family. 

With the cards stacked against me I know I also have so much more going for me: I am well educated beyond traditional education through personal reading, have an ironclad set of values, and an amazing support system. I am blessed, oh so blessed, and I’m going to make the most out of every opportunity given to me.

Simply put... If I can do it, you can do it. 

So many people have told me, “You’re too idealistic, kid. The world just doesn't work that way,” “Not everyone is as nice as you,” “Everyone is going to use and abuse you if you are that selfless,” and as much as I know they are trying to look out for me, I don’t believe them. 

I’m just here to prove that following your dreams, living minimally materially, and excessively in terms of wholesome healthy relationships strengthened by helping people and selfless love can actually lead to a successful, fulfilling and happy life. 

2,147 Passion Planners sold and shipped in 20 days and that's only the beginning.